15L Aqua Desire RO Water Purifier In Madurai


Product Specification

Model Name: Aqua Desire

Stages of Purification :7 Stages
Installation Type: Wall Mounted / Table Top
Storage Capacity: 15ltr
Purification Capacity: 12-15ltr
Body Material: ABS Food Grade
Purification Technology: RO+UV+ UF+TDS Control 
Ro Membrane: 75 GPD
UV Lamp Power:11 Watt
Input Voltage:160-300V AC ( 50Hz)
Operating Voltage:24V DC
Rated Power:40W
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS):Up to 2000 ppm
Total Hardness:400 ppm (max)
Rejection of TDS: Up to 95%
Net Weight:9.5kg
Duty Cycle: 12oLtr/Day 
Country of Origin: Made In India