Crispy Potato Chips

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Potato chips recipe

simply make enough for that day they tend to get hard and rancid tasting once twenty-four hours. an answer to keeping them hand all the time is simply taking a lidded bowl and fill with water, then slice enough to stay functional. as long as their covered in water they’re going to keep using just change once it gets cloudy.
and letting them soak like which will draw the starch out and build them a lot crispier and faster to fry. a bit of salt within the water provides them flavor.

Fry for a few minutes till they begin to show soft. then take them out allow them to cool
Then re-fry until they’re done. It additionally helps with crispness and gets you a nice color than store-bought have.

For the future, once change of state storage you’ve got to use chemical element and airlock the bag. Unless you’ve got a chip works in your basement laborious to try to lol. Well, I hope this helped have a good day.

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